Brent / Drums
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Dream Job? 
It'd be pretty cool to be a landscape contractor.

Favorite quote??
Favorite historical quote:  "That's how I circumnavigate"  --Magellan.  Favorite personal quote:  "I love you" -- my wonderful wife. 

Drink of choice?  
I'm going to take a walk on the wild side here and go with a trifecta of Green Tea, Diet Coke, and water. 

What is you favorite Carnival ride?  Zipper 

What shot you would like bought for you at the bar?  Jagermeister 

What color is your Aura?  Aura Ingalls Wilder? 

Little known fact about you?  I'm made mostly of peppermint. 

Favorite Rhino ritual?  Naked Tarzan

Person you would like to dunk tank?  
I think if you put Jesus in the dunk tank and hit the target with the softball, the chair would drop and Jesus would just be sitting on the water.  Then he'd probably point at you and say "In your face, Cookie".  But I really don't want to dunk-tank anyone.        

If you were a superhero, name and superpower?  
I am a superhero in this band, I am "Always having ibuprophen man".  My favorite superhero, however, is Weapons Man. 

Little known fact about you.. 
I run a non-profit organization that provides umbrellas to poor kids in rainy areas.  

Favorite Village person?  

Dream Vacation...
The Daniels County Fair 

What people should expect at a rhino show??  
Coming to one of our shows is like going to the circus but with no apes.  

Inside Rhino joke...  
We are getting rid of the drum-line and instead I'll try to eat an entire rotisserie chicken on stage in 4 minutes.