Eric / Guitar and Vocals 
Favorite fast food restaurant:
Taco Bell
What color is your Aura:
urora borealis! (Really it's yellow, I took the test on Facebook)

Favorite Rhino ritual:  That thing we do with the kittens!

Cats or dogs?  (See above)

What celebrity you would most like to meet:
Fancy Ray

Dream Job:
Human popcorn popper, I can do it!

Favorite quote: "When people stop believing in God, They don't believe in nothing - they believe in anything. 

Drink of choice:  At a Rhino show, Red Bull on ice

Person you would like to dunk tank: 
I cant throw in a straight line so it doesn't matter

If you were a superhero, name and superpower: 
SpiderMan! The ability to have spidy senses! Oh wait, thats been taken

Little known fact about you: 
I hate square plates!

Dream Vacation:
The Wisconsin Dells!

What people should expect at a rhino show:
More Cowbell
Inside Rhino joke:
I got a friend named Todd. He makes his own vodka. He calls it toddka.