Gordy  / Bass and Vocals

Favorite Carnival Ride: The Tilt-A-Whirl, or whichever one has a garbage can closest to the exit... 

Shot You Should Buy Gordy At The Bar: Hmmm.... I have a fond memory of some Chocolate Cake... but I'm trying to quit, seriously! (Whew, Mom's gone. Bring em on!) 

What Color is my Aura: None More Black 

Little Known Fact: I have a shy bladder, so if you see me in the restroom on a break and I'm counting backwards.... just trying to pee. Nothing serious. 

Favorite RHINO Ritual: Sending Higgins off to the World Omelette Competition in Denver, CO. 

Cats or Dogs: While I love both, have you ever heard of a Dogastrophe? Nope. Cats win. 

What Can you expect from a RHINO show? Massive amounts of showboatery and shenaniganizing. 

Favorite breakfast food: Blueberry Pancakes. and Bacon. 

Celebrity I would most like to meet: I have 2 musical heroes left to meet. Bono from my favorite band U2. Not to discuss world peace or the AIDS epidemic, but to play a round of mini golf and drink some beer. The other is Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters, to do basically the same thing. (He may actually do it, because I have his matching tattoos on my arms!) 

What is my Spirit Animal: That parakeet that sings Drowning Pool's "Bodies" 

Coke or Pepsi: While I am not the only member of Rhino to love Diet Mountain Dew, I would say given the choices, FOUNTAIN COKE FTW! 

Favorite Spice Girl: Cinnamon Girl 

Dream Job: Well, if Lloyd and Harry didn't snatch it up, that opening for "oil boy" on the Coppertone bus sounds like a fun way to make money. 

Favorite Quote: "It's love, that holds it all together. I just had to let you know..." - King's X 

Favorite Village Person: The Idiot 

Dream Vacation: I dream about vacation all the time, seeing as how the last real one I took was 22 years ago. Something that requires a plane, a train or an automobile to get there. I wouldn't pass on a boat ride either, just not on a Titanic-y type boat.