Kurt  / Vocals and Harmonica

Dream Job: 
Interpreter (I only know English)

Favorite quote:  
"Metal it up" 

 Drink of choice:  

Person you would like to dunk tank:  
Anyone trying to have a conversation with me while I am singing, ahhh I'm kinda of busy right now. 

If you were a superhero, name and superpower: 
The Eraser, able to go back in time and fix all the dumb things people do and say and realize it just after the fact.

Little known fact about you:   
I was on the radio for 3 years as a DJ, morning show host and a sports play by play announcer .

Favorite Village person?  
The one with the mustache  

Dream Vacation....  
Ireland, Australia, and Pen Island 

What people should expect at a rhino show??  
The unexpected....... 

Fun facts about each of us:

 Does own shirts other than Ohio State football jersey's

Shortest member of his family

We are looking into a permanent residency for him at the State Fair Grounds

Never look through the pictures on his phone....NEVER!!!

Has a special announcement to make....all the time....making it not so special. Shut up already!